Strategies to help you manage and transform your experience so that you can avoid compassion fatigue.

Are you an emergency professional ready for a break?

Compassion fatigue is described as ‘the cost of caring’ for others in emotional pain. It has been shown that when we are suffering from compassion fatigue, we are more rather than less – we take on “stuff.” What suffers is our health, our relationships with others, our personal lives and eventually our clients. If our client suffer, then so does the business. There is a personal and business cost to caring and those who have enormous capacity for feelings tend to be more at risk of compassion stress. (Source: Hospice Peterborough)

This one-day workshop is for individuals or professionals that offer care, well-being, therapeutic service to people or animals. Many in the “caring” professions suffer from compassion fatigue, giving much of themselves to others and neglecting their own self-care in the process.

Working in partnership with the herd at Hidden Promise, participants will have access to personal awareness and self-discovery in the following areas:

  • Learn to manage the personal impact of experiences that naturally builds up as a person in a caring profession or care giver role
  • Learn to use emotion as information and how to integrate that information into our work and personal lives, while creating a greater understanding for your personal tolerance level in working with a variety of emotions
  • Acknowledge the real, internal and personal impact of the repercussions of the care giver role on yourself and those around you
  • Receive practical tools to assist you in managing your stress and honouring your need for self-care.


The goal of this class is to develop your own personal toolkit to avoid the on-set of compassion fatigue. You’ll have the tools you need to not take on the trauma and stress of traumatic situation.
You will walk away with:

  • Strategies to help you manage and transform your experience with compassion fatigue
  • A personalized self-care toolkit
  • Your personal wellness vision and goals to help you make lasting changes
  • A better understanding of yourself and how to engage in self-care that works for you
  • A community of people who understand and support one another
  • A new way of relating to your work
  • The tools you need to be well, while you continue to do good!

Who Should Attend: Rescue workers, veterinarians and vet techs, animal shelter and animal control officers, foster families.
No previous horse experience is required to participate. All work with the horses is done on the ground in partnership with our herd. If you are interested in learning more about this workshop, please contact us at 517-898-5094.

If your group would like a dedicated session (i.e., veterinary professionals, EMT responders, Alzheimer caregivers, etc.) please reach out to us.


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