Staying committed, and trusting my intuition and belief is not always easy. In many cases, as I think about it, but especially with my decision to work with Little Horse in a way that honors and respects a zero brace philosophy.

In deciding to adopt a philosophy of zero brace, I have committed to not proceeding with any of my “training” plans if I get anything other than a green light from Little Horse. Whether his reaction is from uncertainty or fear, or just pushing the edge a little, I know that the answer is to go back and respectfully claim all parts of my role as a leader. The challenge comes when I have to flex in my plans and that butts up against the “shoulds”. For example, I should be able to get him to do this, he shouldn’t be acting this way, and other variations of those phrases. Little Horse being who he is, sometimes I have to admit he pushes the edge a lot, actually. So, rest assured, he is teaching me much!

In the moments when I am dealing with the shoulds, it is really helpful to stop and remember my “big why” in owning horses. It isn’t very complex at all, it’s because I love them. When I remember that, I can remind myself that love translates into respect in horse language. This allows me to trust in my approach and boldly continue pursuing the idea of true partnership. Not always easy, but always worth it.

One Thought on “commitment and trust”

  • So true! Love is the bottom line and nothing more is needed. Love and respect go hand-in-hand. Little Horse is teaching you that, over-and-over, again.

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