Our experience at the horse expo a couple of weeks ago was tremendous! The Michigan Horse Expo is something that I look forward to every year. It’s such a great time to learn, shop and reconnect with great people. This year, there was an added bonus.

For the first time, my presentation was to include horses. Previously, I had always done classroom lectures at the horse expos. This year, Jewel and Anny came with us.

The round pen demonstration was titled “Soft Feel Mindset” and was planned to work off of what the horses offer to illustrate how our mindset influences our experiences with our horses. This is where the best part comes in, because the horses were absolutely amazing!

I had no idea what to expect regarding Jewel and Anny. The basic overall plan was to have Jewel be the focus of the demonstration. We have been sharing her cowboy dressage preparation journey through facebook, and she has been teaching us lots about mindset. Anny’s primary role was support. As it is in so many areas.

Both girls took everything in stride. You would have thought this was part of their regular routine. They settled in their stalls well ~ they usually live outside 24/7. They handled the trip to and from the expo building well. They had poise and grace in the round pen during the demonstration. I was so very proud of both horses. For me, this was the best part of the expo!

But, wait, there’s more….another best part was that Anny helped move things forward, showing me where to go next. During the expo demonstrations, she did a fabulous job of supporting Jewel. Yet, she wasn’t still at all in her supportive role. She moved around the pen quite often and quite deliberately. When we got back home, I think I figured out why.

As I was connecting with Anny in the arena before one of her sessions, things seemed to come together. She gave me a very deliberate impression and thought. Anny has a message to share. She will be having her own demonstration at the farm on overcoming and preventing shutdown in our horses. Especially in emotional work, this is a hot topic.

Anny and I would love to have you join us at the farm for this adventure. It will be held on May 5th at 1 pm. The fee for this educational demonstration is $25. Below is a link to sign up, as well as a just for fun video of Anny during the expo. Anny and I would love to see you soon!

Click here to register for Anny’s educational demonstration.

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