We are having amazing weather for January!  It’s a nice winter break to have spring~like weather right now.  In the midst of this, it came apparent to me that I was again battling inertia.  My riding had come to a rest, and did it ever take a lot of effort to get it moving again.

In spite of the beautiful weather, I found myself coming up with reasons why it really wasn’t the best of days to ride.  Yesterday, I led Keystone down to the indoor arena.  (I have the privilege of being able to rent space about 1/2 mile down the road.)  He was a very good boy, and once we got inside, looked at me like I was nuts for thinking he would have some problem with being there.  On the walk back to the barn, I found myself looking forward to riding him the next day, when I had some time in my schedule.

This morning, as I was getting myself and Lexie packed up to head out to the barn, I started thinking about all the things that I really needed to get done.  Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, to name some.  I found I was resisting the idea of riding Keystone.  I gave myself permission to see how I felt after I finished chores, and got on with my tasks before I convinced myself I really didn’t have time to get on a horse today.

While I was finishing up barn work, the sun came out.  It was supposed to be cloudy today.  That really helped convince me that I needed to just get on my horse!  I did, and we had a very therapeutic work session.  Because of the footing, walking was the best option.  For Keystone, that was the perfect plan.  He has some severe straightness issues, and walking groundwork is great physical therapy for him.  For me, the therapy was more mental.  It was refreshing to be riding outside on January 11th!  Glad I didn’t let that opportunity pass by.

Reflecting back on my resistance, I feel that it has so much to do with inertia.  Such a challenge to get the object in motion after it has been at a standstill.  Sometimes, my best argument to overcome such resistance is to imagine what I will feel like at the end of the day if I give in to my resistance.  So glad I was in motion today.

Here is Keystone ready to go:

Here is Keystone letting me know where we keep the beet pulp (just in case I forgot):

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