Tuesday was not only Valentine’s Day, it was also hoof trimming day for our herd.  Not me doing the trimming ~ not something I do!  We have an amazing farrier, Tim Germann, who was the one doing the footwork.  As the day and trims progressed, I got a good reminder that sometimes things just are what they are.  What I am referring to is my tendency to look for a deeper meaning behind what transpires with my horses.  I observe what they do and really try to figure out what they are saying, and how I can incorporate this information into my or my student’s situation.  Most of the time, that works amazingly well.  That is, when I remember to look at the bigger picture.

My reminder to balance my inner processing with the realities of the world came from my horses, with a fabulous reality check from Tim.  As he was trimming the first up, Midnight, I had to continually convince the pony that I was not a chew toy.  Usually, he stands completely still for his trim, but not today.  Promise, the next on the list, was pretty good, but not his usual self.  We moved onto Bob, who would only face one direction.  This was not the best lit direction, but we ended up going with it.  Although Bob does have his opinions and will express them loudly when he chooses, this was above and beyond his usual ways.

Then, it was Little Horse’s turn.  I guess the most accurate way to describe his behavior was that he was terrible.  He wouldn’t stand still, kept moving around, stomping his foot down like a toddler temper tantrum.  I was really starting to wonder what was going on with me, when Tim said something about barometric pressure.

I had heard since I was a teenager that horses would react to a change in barometric pressure, but wasn’t considering that at the moment when I was trying to figure out what my horses were telling me.  I was taking their behavior personally, in trying to figure out what I was doing to elicit such actions from them.  Well, maybe it wasn’t all about me.  Which, in this case was actually relieving.

As Tim and talked more about barometric pressure, he shared that his cats had been running around his house crazily last night.  And, the two horses he worked on before he came out were also not exhibiting angelic behavior.  The more we talked about it, the more sure we became that the behaviors we were witnessing from the horses were due to pressure changes. And, the more I gratefully accepted that things weren’t always about me.  Always a lesson to learn!


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