Today’s post is the product of many things lining up.  Trying a new blogging platform, getting an amazing new camera for Christmas (thank you Mark!!), and a pretty snowy day resulted in my figuring out how to use my amazing new camera, and post pictures to my new blog.  So… goes.  Not going to tell how long it takes!

The first picture is Smokey Joe and Bob.  The second is Little Horse (Cochise).


This is Midnight.  He has to stand on his tip toes in order to look over the stall door.  It makes his eyes turn white!  (The first picture is to show how he normally stands.)



Great fun to play with new toys!!


2 Thoughts on “attempting to post photos!”

    • Hi Shirley,
      Sorry you can’t see the pictures. They came through on my computer, so I’m not sure what to do about the problem. I’ll see if I can find out what went wrong. Thanks for attempting to check out the pictures!!

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