“I took Kim’s Mindfulness Workshop and I wasn’t prepared for how amazing my experience would be. EMPOWERING!!” – Becky M, Novi

“I have known Kim for almost five years. I can say that it is because of her that I am back in the saddle and developing my confidence again. I don’t believe that anyone else would have treated my situation with as much patience, love, and forethought as she has shown when it comes to my lessons. Sometimes we follow her plan, and sometimes we throw the plan out the door and do something completely different, but she’s always thinking of new ways to get through to me. I am glad Kim is my teacher. I am grateful she is my friend.” – Katie M.

“I can’t thank Kim enough for the wonderful time my friends and I had. The Girls Get Away was a blast! The horses were so kind and gentle with us and Kim guided us all to experience our own take-aways from the day. We all left Hidden Promise with such enthusiasm. We talked about our experience over lunch and all the way home. Each gal that was there asked me what the next step would be to continue their horse journey. Is that a ringing endorsement or what?! It was a fabulous experience I won’t ever forget. What a treat!” – Mellissa F, Farmington

“Although my first visit with Kim at Hidden Promise was a rough time in my life, the peaceful environment and Kim’s compassion and understanding encouraged me to begin an ongoing journey of growth. With Kim’s consistency, kindness and patience, I have developed relationship and communication skills that will stay with me a life time.” – Theda K, Ypsilanti

“After one session, I not only felt better, but had more ways to heal myself after the session. If you are suffering in any way, contact Hidden Promise!”  – Shellie S, Waterford

“I have really enjoyed attending Kim’s seminars. The concepts she talks about are so important to everyday life but I seem to so easily forget the need to be mindful and present in the moment. Her techniques have really helped me, not only with horses but with my family too. I have found that I feel more patient as a mother. It helps me to think of why my horse (or child) may be reacting in a certain way rather than automatically getting irritated. I also really appreciate Kim’s gentle approach of using the horse as a tool to understand my emotions. I find it refreshing to learn so much even if I’m not riding the horse-for me redefining a relationship with horses. Whether you have lots of “horse experience” or none at all, I would highly recommend a session with Kim.” – Lindsey V, Northville




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