Last weekend, we had another amazing Cowboy Dressage clinic. It has been so much fun to get to know some new people, and to watch them progress with their horses over these last few months. It feels like we have become a sort of family, and are on such a similar journey. Whether we have years and years of horse experience, or are just entering into the wonderful world of horses, everyone is welcome and accepted. Respecting everyone’s journey is just as important as respecting the horses’. And with this group, we sure have that!

I will admit that I have been feeling under the weather since we got back. After a little bit of recovery time, I am going to do a more in depth write up about a new experience that Petey and I had. Although I like to refer to it as “pole dancing”, the official name for said pole is “la garrocha pole.” That term so new to me, I think I had to ask at least 3 times what it was called. It was such fun. I got to both feel and see (thanks to Kathy for videoing) some changes in my horse, as well as get some insight as to my way of thinking and looking at things. Like many other situations, I feel like sharing the insights I have about how I do things or my mindset might be helpful for someone else on their journey. Or, it might offer some laughs. Being that I’m a horrible joke teller, I will take those laughs for sure.

One of my favorite things has happened at these clinics every month. That would be that Phil has been able to see some improvement in my horse. It can be like living with a puppy, you can’t always see the changes that someone else can. I appreciate Phil sharing his wisdom and time with us so much, I want to make sure we show him that by putting it to good use. (Plus, my big brown horse makes practicing so much fun!) As soon as I shake this respiratory issue, Petey and I will get going on our homework for next month. We will be taking more steps in the direction of lateral movement and bending. And, maybe pole dancing……

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