Today it was Anny’s turn. She has been helping me out and always coming through when I ask her to assist me with a session or workshop. It had been a couple of weeks since I brought her into the arena just to do something with me, and she was reminding me of this.

I am always humbled, it can bring me to tears, to recognize that my horses want to spend time with me. Anny had been watching me closely the last couple of times that I went out to catch up a horse. I usually greet and pet any of the horses that come up to me, or give me “that” look. This is what Anny had been doing, so I set aside time just for her and me.

Today, she was lying down. I decided not to abort my plans just yet. I walked up to her and sat on the ground next to her. I love how she will let me melt into her, she is such a special horse. After hanging with her for a little while, I got up and stood in front of her, a little off to the side. This was my invitation for time inside if she desired.

I was a bit surprised, yet Anny got to her feet and came over to me. I didn’t bother blinking back the few tears as I haltered up and walked with her. I am truly fortunate.

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