I have so much appreciation for Anny. She is an amazing horse, and is an invaluable partner in equine assisted self growth work. I love her to the moon and back! We co-facilitated an initial session recently that was amazing in what we could discover and offer to out client.

For this initial session, I had very minimal information on our client, whom I will name “Sue” (not her real name). Sue had a couple of days off work, and was very interested in being around horses, and thought Hidden Promise would be a great place to visit. She had checked us out online, and asked to schedule an appointment. Because of her level of enthusiasm and being that time was of the essence, we set something up and got her out right away.

As we were walking out in the field, we started talking and Sue shared about her attraction to and history with horses. Anny was waiting for us with her head poking out of the run in by the gate. Because of where she was, we could pet her and say hi before we even opened the gate. She was obviously volunteering her services for Sue’s session.

Knowing Anny’s nurturing nature, I mentioned this to Sue. This prompted her to share the story of why she was able to come today. She had ended a relationship a few days ago, and this time off work was supposed to be spent at a tropical resort, not out in the rainy, muddy cold of a horse farm on a mild winter day. Great job, Anny in bringing out such a significant amount of information by just being you.

We walked toward the arena, and were greeted by Pony once we got inside. His actions and positioning were very respectful of boundaries after “that” look from Anny. I pointed out the simple interaction to Sue, and she made a comment about how she realized she had no boundaries, and that Anny seemed to have a secure sense of herself, which Sue would love to have. She said that she felt she didn’t’ know who she was anymore. Way to go again Anny (with Pony’s help), bringing out such deep information by just being you.

Sue and I discussed the prey nature of horses, and the topic of leadership. We specifically talked about how horses, especially Anny, can lead from their gentle strength. And, how whatever we need to lead our horses with empathy and compassion, is what we need to lead our own lives in the direction we choose. Living by design rather than default. Sue loved this concept, and was eager to experiment with leading Anny.

She set off with Anny, and soon found that Anny was taking the lead. I asked Sue how that felt, and she said that it was way too familiar. I suggested that Sue created a path for the two of them to take and see if that changed things. She started walking again, and I asked her to pause for a minute and share her plan with me. As Sue started a list that I found to be quite overwhelming, Anny bumped her a bit with her nose. This caused Sue to stop her verbal stream, and allow me to share how it was quite possible she was setting herself up for the disappointment of failure. Sue exclaimed that she does this all the time, and sees how she overwhelms and then paralyzes herself. Thank you, Anny, for acknowledging the importance of this element.

I put out some orange cones, and asked her to walk around them. She was amazed that Anny followed her respectfully. As Sue and I discussed the importance of goals to engage the power of our subconscious minds, Anny stood close to Sue and exhibited signs of relaxation and release. This was important, and no coincidence. Thank you, Anny, for letting us know we were on the right track for what could be so helpful to Sue.

Sue had discovered that her body felt different when she walked toward the cones than when she had just been wandering. She led Anny around with this new feel and Anny followed her like a dream. I asked Sue if she’d be interested in combing Anny. We had already exposed such deep issues and offered alternatives it seemed that the opportunity to experience mindfulness, and discuss how Sue could incorporate what she experienced today to propel her forward in a direction of her choice would be great for closure of our session. Anny acknowledged the accuracy of this thought by lowering her head and licking and chewing.

Sue enjoyed the present moment nature of combing Anny, who relaxed into the experience. Both girls looked peaceful and relaxed. There was an element of inspiration and hope to Sue’s language and demeanor that hadn’t been present when I met her about an hour ago. Thank you Anny, for offering your insights and expertise to help someone love their life better. You amaze me every time we work together. I am so lucky for the honor of partnering with you!

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