I am embarking on a new project, and I would like to invite you on the journey.

Sparked by some emails I received focusing on finishing up the year strong, I thought about some goals I’d like to reach. I chose two which combined perfectly, in my opinion.

The first goal is to prepare a horse and rider team for next year’s cowboy dressage clinics. The second goal is to start using video at the farm to both teach and learn. What came out of this combination was the idea to video and share the preparation process.

With that being said, if you would be interested in following Jewel’s Cowboy Dressage prep, it would be fantastic to have you! The documentation will be in a facebook group. If you are already friends with me on facebook, send me a private message letting me know you’d like me to add you to the group. If we aren’t yet friends on facebook, send me a request (Kimberly Cardeccia). After we’re official friends, you can send me a message to add you in.

Hope you’ll join us in reaching our big goal and finishing 2017 with some positive energy and fun!

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