Last Friday was the start of an extra amazing week with horses. Although there are always little gems and gifts in time with them, this past week had many experiences that I found to be, well, above and beyond.

This extraordinary week started off with a workshop through the Animal Assisted Intervention Program at Oakland University. We had a wonderful group, all assembled in the interest of learning more about equine assisted interventions. Our horses offered many in person examples of the magic that can happen when we honor the input and opinions of equine co-facilitators. It really felt that the horses had helped create many “believers”.

Saturday I had two individual sessions that offered the human participants the opportunity for great insight. Sunday our Equine Healing Exploration group met and we witnessed a profound session. Mama’s herd hadn’t ever offered to help in such an exercise before, and it was very powerful. The horses had a far better plan than the one I was constructing!

We had our first Confidence Camp. It ran last Tuesday through Thursday. (We had a mule guest who stole everyone’s heart!) The participants all shared so openly, both with their equine partners and each other. As we humans shared at the end, each received something more or different from the horses and camp than they expected. There were many tears ~ mostly the good kind!

Yesterday, the week of amazing wrapped up with Anny. It makes me tear up just a little remembering what she offered me and our participant. Anny and I were working together to help someone with Alzheimer’s. She had ridden extensively and her husband let me know that she was very excited to get back on a horse. As could be imagined, though, it was a very different experience with her present condition and state. Getting her on Anny proved to be a small challenge for her husband and I. I am sure that it was a challenge for Anny, also, and you would never have guessed it from how she stood solid. Anny’s patient and nurturing nature were shining as bright as any star. They didn’t dim any as we slowly, two or three steps at a time, took this brave client for a ride. It was an honor to be involved in the process of two very brave females. I don’t think I could ever thank Anny enough for what she so generously gives to so many.

(A gentle reminder if any of the wonderful people who participated in any of the week’s events would like to share their experiences, I will post them here in the blog!)

Sometimes, I comment that “you can’t make this stuff up” or that what we sometimes witness with our equine facilitators is stranger than fiction….and I appreciate every moment.

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