The other day, I got a good dose of equine intervention from Petey. He added his input, and helped me make choices that set up for an ideal situation and learning.

I was planning to take someone out for a ride around the property on Anny. I had done this a few times from the back of Petey, and it had been a very effective and fun technique for impactful sessions.

Today, we’d all be working together to offer a positive situation for a fun and safe ride for someone who has come so very far in eliminating apprehension around horses. She was ready for more, and was interested in spending more time in the saddle.

I went out to the field to bring Petey in. As I walked toward him, he walked away from me. My big brown horse was clearly striding purposefully, not just wandering away from me. And, he just kept going. No looking back or stopping to eat.

Instead of taking his gesture personally, I listened to what he was telling me. I had been wondering if my plan was appropriate, or we’d be better off spending some time in the arena before we had our walk around the property adventure. Petey gave me the answer, and I went with plan B.

As it turned out, that time in the arena was the perfect plan for the day. Anny and her rider got a bit more time to get to know each other better in a riding situation and in a different saddle. As usual, the horses will offer their guidance if I give attention, space, and time for it.

After we were all done with the session, I gathered up the halter rope to see if Petey might be interested in a short ride before I had to go pick Lexie up from camp. When I went out to the field this time, the big brown horse turned and took a couple of steps toward me. He haltered up and led in with ease. We had a very pleasant walk about together, it was a fine way to conclude my barn time for the day.

Many, many thanks to both Petey and Anny for sharing their wisdom with me today. I love and appreciate you to the moon and back!

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