There has been a lot of things going on this week.  I’ve been to a seminar on conquering pain, enrolled in 2 different telesummits, given a workshop and demo, and trying to put together two different presentations, as well as learn a new format for presenting.  This on top of seeing clients, taking care of the horses, and of course, my number one job, being a mom.  You might have noticed that cooking and house work were not on that list.  My head has been swirling with how to fit everything in, as well as trying to contain the enthusiasm I have for the new presentations on my list.  Needless to say, I’m really excited about how all the information is coming together in a way to help people through working with horses.

So, with all of that going on, I’ve desperately needed my morning walks.  My routine is to feed the horses, and as they are eating, I walk the fence line around the property.  Around and back twice.  Gets my heart beating a little, and gives me time to think.  I really need my walks.  They also help me determine what needs to go in the rest of my day.

If I have the luxury of having a chunk of time with no one else’s name on it, this walk can help me get in touch with how I can best spend that time.  Most often, it’s working with a horse.  Every once in a while, like today, I get different information.  If I can’t get the “zingy” feeling settled, if I can’t completely get myself in the here and now, it is not time to work with a horse.  I don’t get the positive results I want, I don’t enhance my relationships with my horses if I’m not in the right mindset.  From enough experimenting, I know when working with a horse can help me get all the way in the present, and when I should give us both a day off.

What was stopping me from getting in the present moment at the barn today?  Being so excited to finish my pain presentation and listen to a certain teleseminar.  So, when chores were done, I went home to get going on those projects.  Rather than get upset with myself because I wasn’t mentally where I thought I “should” be, I decided to just go with it and run with the enthusiasm.  Here I am, taking a break from the pain presentation that is almost completed.  When I’m done typing this entry, I’m going to learn some more about how to conduct classes by phone.  Today, this is exciting stuff to me.  We’ll see about tomorrow.  Usually one day of sacrificing horse time is all I can comfortably do.  But, I’ll assess where I am tomorrow and make my decision then.

Taking this to the arena:  If you’re not quite in the here and now with your thoughts, working with your horse can help you get to that calm state of mind.  Grooming can turn into a mindfulness practice.  As you’re working toward making your horse shine, pay focused attention to the process.  If you find your thoughts drifting, draw them back to the present moment by focusing on sensations.  For example, noticing how the brush sounds as it makes contact with horse hair, or how does the hair look before and after a stroke of the brush?  How is your horse responding to the brushing ?  Breath in time with your brush strokes…..just to give you a few examples to start you off.  If this doesn’t help you center and focus, then it might be time to go onto something else.  Most of the time, though, it will get you into a mindset that will allow you to have quality time with your horse.

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