This morning, as I was thinking about what I needed to get done today, I had a pretty big realization. It went from thinking about how I should get a newsletter out about the bonfire coming up on Sunday, to realizing that there was something missing, and I really needed to get that piece back for myself. That led to the realization that I also wanted to share it, which would mean getting familiar again with many things that I found intimidating. Quite a lot to discover at 4:50 am, yet so very necessary. Yes, I will explain. Especially if you have read through that pile of overwhelm and been able to follow a little bit of what I meant, this will all make sense to you.

Over the last year and a half, I have had some significant losses and transitions. They have affected me deeply, and sometimes I ignore that fact when the “should statements” start rolling in my mind. I teach others about these statements because I definitely recognize and feel the damage they can do. They can be so insidious! My big realization so early today was that in order to be able to take action, I needed to get myself back in alignment. For some reason, it all clicked this morning, and here I am typing, something that I had been telling myself I should be doing for quite some time.

It became apparent why the typing didn’t happen before. I wasn’t in alignment with what my mind was telling me should happen. By “alignment” I mean my mind, body and spirit are basically all in agreement. My mind had many lists of what I should be doing, yet none of them seemed to manifest. Along with this, I had many feelings of guilt, hopeless and exhaustion.

What I wasn’t taking into consideration, what my mind wasn’t allowing me to make room for, was how my body and my spirit (or heart) were feeling. Their health and well being was left so far out of the equation it wasn’t even apparent. At this moment, I am able to take action, because I am in alignment with the ideas I had. My body, mind and heart are all on the same page, and then I can go. Aligned action. That is what I felt compelled to write about this morning. If we aren’t aligned, those three very important aspects of our being in agreement, things either won’t get done, or they won’t get done well.

Being a caregiver, working in a healing profession, being a parent, these can all be exhausting endeavors. They can also be the most rewarding, and in many of our cases, they are not options. Learning how to keep ourselves healthy and operating the best we can with what we’re experiencing is essential. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in my head, those darn should statements, and disregard the welfare of my body and heart. From the people surrounding me, both personally and professionally, I know that I am not the only one. I resolve to be more conscious of this and help others to do the same. So now, I need to see if I remember how to post things on the Hidden Promise blog. If you are reading this, I had a success. Wishing you many peaceful, aligned moments in your day!

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  • Congratulations on your success Kim! And thank you for helping me to stay aligned, body mind and spirit every time I see you 🙂

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