Sometimes, I learn something, and then it falls off the radar. Then something happens and I remember that I have learned that. One of these such occurrences happened just recently. I received an email that had an article about how the mind can act as its own antidepressant. It has to do with stimulating the left side of the prefrontal cortex and reducing the amount of functioning in the right frontal cortex. Instead of reading on about that, I decided to make use of this information and give Harley some attention at the same time.

Harley has quite a long coat with a little bit of curl to it. I am guessing that this comes from his insulin resistant condition. To help him winter better, he needs to be combed every few days. Getting through the tangles of his thick coat and down to the skin help him both physically and mentally. Can’t ignore the mind and body connection in our horses, either 🙂

I purposely decided as I combed Harley to treat it as a mindfulness exercise. I kept my mind on him and his coat and my combing, rather than letting my mind drift. It is much easier to let my mind drift when I don’t have to be cautious of pulling on a tangle and hurting my horse. So this was a great combination for me to make sure I encouraged the left side of my prefrontal cortex to fire. The good news is that it really worked! I felt very peaceful and ready to do what was next on my list for the day. Thank you Harley and thank you to the wonders of email for my reminder about how being focused in the present moment can be so helpful and healing.

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