I have had some inquiries to please show what Sunshine does when he releases. Today, I attempted to capture some on film. I have to perfect my methods somewhat so some more may be coming in the future that will be much better. But here is a snippet of what happens during these interactions that Sunshine and I have had of as of late.

Today was especially interesting. I went out to see how the horse’s had positioned themselves in their field. Sunshine and Missy were eating on the round bale. As I drew closer, I saw that Sunshine was eating with a determination. I thought that he might not be as interested today in working together as he had previously. As I was standing there wondering what I would do next, Sunshine lifted his head away from the round bale and walked towards me. Question answered :-). Once in the arena, I tried videoing what his releases looked like. Results are here! I will not be hired as a videographer anytime soon.

After the filming of releasing. I asked him to move around the arena in some big figures on the halter rope both walk-in trapped. He came very close to licking and chewing while at the walk! I am still so looking forward to seeing that happen. Then he positioned himself deliberately in several different spots and went through his releasing. In the future, if this is still happening, I hope to get that on film too. Still a very interesting journey!

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