The horses and I facilitated a session today. We witnessed something pretty profound, fitting in the “you can’t make this stuff up” category. I got permission to share, so here is the story.

At first, we were trying to figure out who’s help to utilize. We were down to choosing between the paints and Midnight. Midnight, or Pony, was chosen and we went out to enlist his help. We haltered Pony, and brought him to a corner of his paddock where there was some shade. It was an awesomely beautiful day for February, and the sun was actually quite warm. As my client shared what was going on with her, she combed Midnight. For a few minutes, this was all flowing smoothly. Then, Pony started to wander a little more emphatically in his search for grass, or some facsimile thereof. As he was doing this, we noticed that the paints had come and stood right next to us in their field across the fence. It seemed completely obvious to both of us humans that the horses were trying to tell us something. We decided to listen, and snuck through the fence after we released Pony from his helping duty. Toby and Kona greeted us politely, and stood patiently waiting for us to share some time with them.

At first, Kona seemed to be volunteering. He walked right up, ready to participate in the combing / updating process. After a few moments, Toby came up from behind and calmly and slowly moved Kona so that he was now in the combing spot.

This was a little stretch for my client, as she has endured apprehension around big horses before. Toby is bigger than Kona, and absolutely larger than pony. However, this seemed to be the perfect way for the session to unfold, and it appeared to be comfortable for all of us.

As we were talking, my client shared something about a particular situation of feeling cornered or trapped. While she was sharing about this, Toby slowly swung his rump around so that she was in a space inbetween the big brown and white horse and the fence. I found it intriguing, that she chose to stand there as she continued to comb Toby and talk. I brought this to her attention.

As part of the process, I asked her to come out and move to where she was comfortable. She did so, and we were talking about the similarities to what just transpired with the horses and the situations she could find herself in outside of the session. In the “rest of her life” as I like to refer to it. While we were discussing this, Toby lifted his tail moved over a couple inches and he has added a pile of poop right where she had been standing! We could only laugh at how the pile of sh$t fit in with what we were discussing.

As we were celebrating the humor in this, Kona lifted his tail and deposited another pile of poop to add his input. I swear he was laughing with us. And, giving us his input about being wary of the poop. Not only do I appreciate so much what the horses share, I also appreciate working with people that completely get it. Thank you to all equines involved. Felines, also. I think Tinkerbell gave us a lesson in leaving quickly when you feel uncomfortable. Especially from a charging pony! Remember to remove yourself rapidly and seek your safe spot when necessary, she demonstrated for us. Thank you, too, for such depth, understanding and insight from our human participant. Not to mention a great sense of humor and generosity of spirit!

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