I recently took a social media class, because I felt it would be a good thing to be able to connect with others through technical means.  This inspired me to continue with this blog, which has been dormant for quite sometime……

What I intend to write about (blog about?) is my own personal journey with my horses and riding.  I do not intend in anyway to say that this will be where I showcase fabulous training tips or miraculous advice.  This will be my very personal documentation about my experiences.  If you have any expectations regarding reading about brilliance, this is not something you will enjoy reading!

With that being said, I will write about my recent experiences with Bob.  Yes, Bob is a horse!

I have had Bob for 14 years, and near as the vet could figure, he was 13 when he became my horse.  Bob has some real trust issues, and we have had many learning experiences together.  He has taught me tons, and I treasure him.  And, I decided 3 days ago, that it was time to get him back into some kind of shape.  So, I took him for a walk around the perimeter of the farm, enjoying the warm sunshine and just being with him.  It takes us about 10 minutes to make it all the way around, so it’s a great start for both of us.  ( I need to get in some kind of shape myself after winter.)

The first two days we did one lap, and yesterday, we made it two.  After our walks, I let him graze and work on shedding out Bob’s winter coat.  Not once in these three days has he tried to bite me!  Yes, even after all this time that still happens.  I know the grass helps, but being with him with no expectations of performance has been wonderful.  This feeling is something I want to carry into all of my work with horses.  My background being a dressage crazy, this isn’t always easy for me.  I’m getting better at it, though, and Bob likes it!!

8 Thoughts on “A new beginning……”

  • Sounds relaxing and harmonious. Just being with our horses is so important. Not “ground training” per se, but just hangin’ out with them.
    They love it, too. I take Dancer for a walk whenever I can, and talk to him as we stroll along, demonstrate that there’s nothing to be afraid of “out there” and that I;ll always be by his side—no matter what. He’s alert, responsive and fun to be around—in the carriage or out. Come for a drive soon!

  • aaack – no more dressage? I don’t know if I could ever do that – I am addicted, I suppose. I hope that good dressage riding keeps the horse happy and connected, at least that’s how it feels right now with my Taj. He’s so happy when we’re riding, even my trainer commented on it. But I can see how too much pressure to perform can ruin the relationship. Hopefully I’m not doing this by going to shows!

    • Oh, no, I don’t mean that I will ever give up dressage. I might not be heading to shows anytime in the near future, but I also seem to have it in my blood. I agree that good dressage can keep the horse happy and connected, as well as physically healthy. I just can get caught up in expectations, whether they’re mine of the dressage community’s, and do much better when I remember to honor the relationship and the space that the horse and I are in. Glad to hear that Taj is happy when you’re riding him, for sure!!!

  • Glad to see that you have started the blog up again! I’m looking forward to reading your blog! You’re off to a great start! I think walking with your horse is so important, I don’t think people value it enough.

  • Did you picture us all smiling when you said Bob’s name? Love it! Love that you are loving your time… “creating a space” for freedom.

    You are wonderful and I am excited to hear your musings.

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