Keystone had something to share. His message is this: we should carefully plan and acknowledge the importance of the action steps that we take on our way to big goals.
He conveyed his message as I was getting ready to leave the barn and head home. My last task before closing up is usually to let Keystone out of the stall where he has been munching his snack. Our routine is usually that I slide the bar blocking the doorway, then I open the stall door and Keystone follows me out the door. This time, he just stood and looked at me when I opened his stall door, even though he had been banging on it to let me know he was ready to head outside.
I stood there and waited for him to come out. And waited, and waited. Finally I went over and grabbed a handful of treats. Yes, a bribe.
Keystone knows all too well where the treats live, and the sound of the container opening. His radar ears focused on me, yet he still didn’t come out of the stall to get his treat. I moved closer from my position by the open outside door.
As I got closer, Keystone licked and chewed, yet he still didn’t move. I walked even closer, and when I was just out of arm’s reach, he come toward me out of the stall. I gave him the treat and he stopped. I walked toward the door, and he again just stood there and looked at me. I again came closer, just out of arm’s reach, and that’s again, when Keystone came forward. This happened again, until he finally would walk with me out the door.
Because this behavior from Keystone was so different from his and our normal routine is how I detected he had something to share. And the lesson really was all about breaking things down and paying 100% attention to those smaller steps. I think this applies to our journey as we work toward big goals. It can be hard to detect our movement, and feel like we are getting closer to our goal if we don’t pay attention to the mile markers along the way. This can increase our faith and hope in our ability to reach our big goals. And that will be what keeps us going. Thank you, Keystone, for your “words” of wisdom!!

2 Thoughts on “a message from Keystone”

  • Good timing, Keystone! I need this as I progress in healing from my injury which includes my progress in riding Taj. I’ve been getting frustrated in what I consider slow recovery, but if I look at the progress I keep making in my riding, I’m actually doing quite well! 🙂

  • How beautiful it is when they recognize that they can communicate with us and they give it a good effort to do so. This wanting to do it ‘together’ is awesome to me. Like walking a guest to the door when they are leaving.
    I feel like I have a great relationship with my guy but the little new things we do with confidence do show me it is growing. Together seeing the steps to the final goal….there is really no end to this goal, the closeness, the communication, always appreciative of the connection. For Cash and I much of this is gaining in bravery/confidence.
    Thanks Kim & the growth of good energy for helping us along this journey.

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