The other day, I had a session cancel unexpectedly. By the time I figured that I should contact my client and see what had happened, I had 45 minutes of unscheduled time. I decided to share territory with Little Horse.

He had been pestering lately, which lets me know that he is craving attention. I went out to the pasture to get him, and he walked up to me and put his nose in his halter. By mistake, I had grabbed the lead rope that had no clip on it. So, I just pulled it though the loop Little Horse’s rope halter and started walking up to the barn, not sure if it would just pull through or not.

On our way up, the other horses suddenly ran into the far back pasture. Little Horse raised his head and looked after them, but stood his ground. When he put his head back into a relaxed position and turned to look at me, I took his halter off, allowing him to run back with the rest of the herd. He didn’t go. He stayed with me, which really surprised me. Even though he was still standing next to me, my intuition was telling me that he didn’t really want to leave the pasture, and wouldn’t enjoy hanging out in the round pen. I compromised my actions between what I was seeing and what I felt. I held out the halter and he held his head still for me to put it on. Then, we started walking back up to the barn with no lead rope. After about 15 steps, he whirled around and ran back to the other horses.

Obviously, I was not surprised. I walked back out to where he was grazing with the other horses; to not only see what else would happen, but to remove his halter. As I approached, I could see him watching me. I paused a few steps from him, and he walked up to me. I took his halter off, and then he grazed close to my feet. That was how we shared territory for the time I had remaining. I learned yet another valuable lesson about following my intuition. More validation on how important it is for me to follow my gut instincts!

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