It has been three months since I had to say good bye to my Bob horse. The intense pain of losing him has subsided a bit, but I still miss him terribly. He taught me so much, and some of those lessons I think he wants me to share with others. The first thing that I am noticing Bob taught me great lessons in is trust.

Trust underlies everything. With it, you have a relationship. Without it, you really don’t. Trust is the foundation upon which everything else is built. If you take the time to build trust, you can build greatness. Without a strong and solid base, there is no security, and things crumble.

Bob taught me that with trust, you can make mistakes. Apologies are necessary, and after making amends, relationships don’t have to suffer because of those mistakes. If there is that solid foundation of trust, you can have the room for learning experiences (formerly known as mistakes) to grow into your best self. Weathering a storm can increase the trust in a relationship. If we proceed with strength, integrity, and a loving heart, we can overcome much if we honor that element of trust.

I don’t know what Bob’s life was like, or what he experienced before he became my horse. From his reactions to people and the scars on his body, I have deduced that he suffered to some extent from people’s actions. In spite of this, I chose to open my heart to him. A large part of it was because I felt in my heart that his life might be over if I did not become his owner.

Our journey together was not always easy. It was always meaningful. And, in Bob’s way, it was always to the point. There was one instance where my whole calf ended up in his mouth. Yes, that would be the calf on my leg. No baby cows involved. This happened because for a moment, I didn’t respect his Bob boundaries. Everything can change in a moment, and I learned a lesson. Being human, I would occasionally get close to going unconscious again, yet in those future instances, Bob would remind me in a manner that was a bit more gentle. He always made his wishes be known. Journeying together, we developed a deep and strong bond, forgiving each other as we went. Because, in spite of everything, we developed trust.

I have a suspicion that I am only scratching the surface of what Bob has taught me; the gifts he has given me. Both on the issue of trust, and on other concepts that are still coming together. In honor of my wonderful horse, I will keep searching and sharing. Still love you, Bob, with all my heart.

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  • Yes, yes, and yes – Also having had a remarkable and unique relationship with a very special horse, I can relate and agree totally!

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