In my life, I have so much to be grateful for.  This past Sunday, I got to have a wonderful experience that added so much more to the list. 

       The occasion was giving Lexie (my four year old daughter) the chance to participate in her very first horse show.  A very good friend of ours runs an excellent riding program at a camp, and invited us to participate in their annual show.  I thought it would be a fun idea, and thankfully, so did my sister, who was gracious enough to donate her day to us!

       Prior to the show, Lexie was the most excited about being able to ride in the truck when Aunt Mary and I hauled Midnight to the show.  She was also excited to ride him two times, one of those being bareback.  And, if she could get a pink ribbon, she was convinced it would be the best day ever!

Because of her age and coordination, Lexie was to participate in her classes on a lead line.  She was the youngest there, and the only one, but that didn’t phase her a bit. To all the other kids there, as well as the adults, a heartfelt thanks!  The encouragement and smiles and waves to my daughter made her feel special, and it warms my heart that these acts of kindness made her day so special.

I could go on with the list of who I am grateful to for the awesome day, but I most want to thank Midnight, Lexie’s special pony.  Not an angel, by many definitions, and I have the teeth marks on my shoulder blade to prove that!  But, for a pony, Midnight did an angelic job, and I am so proud of him.

This was the first time that we’ve ever taken Midnight anywhere since he became a member of our herd.  He loaded in the trailer and rode like a champ, but protested in the form of rearing when he was tied to the trailer with a hay bag.  So, with LOTS of walking and some Peace and Calming essential oil, I did decide to proceed with our big show plans. 

Midnight did an awesome job of behaving respectably when Lexie was on his back.  He really came through and gave his little girl the best first horse show ever.  I appreciate his gift so much, and feel so fortunate that he is our little black pony.  We love you, Midnight!!

3 Thoughts on “A First Horse Show”

  • Midnight is a wonderful pony, indeed. I love that he needed the Peace and Calming oil… I USE THAT FOR ME!

    Both you and Midnight are angels. I loved reading about this; so proud of Lexie. I am just picturing her beaming with pride! : )

  • What a great blog! Midnight sounds like he did an amazing job!! I’m so happy for Lexie to have her first horse show be such a success! I wish I had been able to start at four years old! What a great rider, great mom, great aunt, great pony! Congratulations!

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