Sunshine and I had a very interesting experience today. Which, I believe is now becoming more of the norm. I could call it interesting, puzzling, mysterious or intriguing and all would be correct. What keeps me going on this journey are the reactions of my red horse. He is still wanting to come in, and letting me know he wants to come in even when I am doing something with another horse. For right now, that is the best validation I could get.

A couple of days ago, I had some company while I was in the round pen with Sunshine. Liz and Janice were patient enough to watch what transpires between the red horse and myself. I am very thankful for their presence, because they were able to share what they experienced, and it validated what I was thinking and feeling about this journey. Like-minded and like-hearted people’s company is always treasured.

Today, I tried an experiment that I will not be repeating. We had an interesting time together today, of course, which included my being able to slowly pet Sunshine down his forelock all the way down his face to the tip of his nose. I did this very slowly, and he exhibited some releases as I was doing it. I also felt like we were getting the closest to complete trust that we had ever gotten. It was very interesting, and I will admit that I hoped a little that it might reduce the biting.

No such luck. There were big swings of Sunshine’s head, with his mouth open and teeth extended when I attempted to halter him to take him out to his field. I decided that when he tried to bite me like that, I would walk away from him. I would go in the observation room, and return after a few minutes and try again. I got to repeat this 5 times. The 6th time, as I went marching off after I had been swung at, Sunshine marched right after me. I realized that with whatever was going on inside my horse, this was not getting the message across that I had thought it might. My experiment was a flop, it wasn’t getting anywhere near the desired result. Back to the drawing board.

I tied the halter, and slipped it over his head. He has a lot bigger head than I realized, and it got a little hung up by his ears. It was less than graceful as I got the rope halter over his ears. However, Sunshine did not try to bite me at all. I thought that was pretty interesting.

I took him out the back way to the field so that there was less chance of him pulling the rope away from me if he chose. There was one instance where he flung his head, however a flip of the rope brought his nose right back to me. I still can’t help but believe that he really needs to do this interesting dance we do, and that we are somehow progressing. I will keep listening, Sunshine, I promise.

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