Generally, when I use the term “stranger than fiction”, I am talking about some of the things horses offer during healing sessions. The way that they can add their input to support and enhance the process amazes me at times. However, today, I found myself using this phrase when I worked with Sunshine.

Our time together begin with him coming off of the hay bale and walking toward me. I absolutely love that he does this, and it still impresses me.

Once we were in the arena, he was mostly connected and soft. A little surprising was the fact that I still had to be careful that he didn’t bite me. His head would swing toward me at times, and I would adjust so that I was just out of range of his teeth. I asked him to move around the arena without a halter, and let him coast to a stop wherever he chose. He again chose to put himself in those places that ordinarily would make his tail swish. For right now, I am still seeing if I can help eliminate that darn tail swish. It just seems that figuring that out will help immensely with our partnership, and it’s become one of my goals. At the same time, if my intuition, or my red horse, tells me differently, I will adopt another.

After a couple dances of him moving and coming back up next to me and releasing tension, I decided to try something. I had noticed that he was very connected to me even when I moved away, and would follow me. I thought that I would play with this connection a little bit. I made my way to the wagon that we use as a mounting block. Sunshine followed me, and with no instruction on my part, came up to the wagon almost as if he would pick me up. One more step, and I could have gotten on his back.

I was pretty astounded. He had no halter on, and this is where he would choose to stand. Adding to my astonishment, was the fact that as he stood there, he tried to bite me. Now, the try was half-hearted, yet it was still a try!

I stood there for a while and petted him. I ran my hand slowly from his ears to his withers along the crest of his mane. He started to close his eyes a little, and lower his head. I was still wary of the teeth.

After we had been there a few moments, I came down off the wagon, and Sunshine followed me. I walked almost halfway across the arena and stood there. My horse was by my side. This was pretty interesting. (and pretty cool!)

After another couple minutes of releasing tension on his part, I walked back to the wagon. Sunshine followed me and stopped about 10 feet from the wagon, by the door to the south aisle of the barn. I encouraged him to move, and gave him no direction about where to move to. To my amazement again, Sunshine came up to the wagon as if to pick me up. Interestingly enough, he walked up with much more purpose. And tried to bite me with much more purpose, it still wasn’t bad, just a very odd thing to have happen. I could describe it as incongruent.

I would not have guessed, that when I asked Sunshine to move today without any halter or direction from me, that the wagon is where he would have chosen to go. I do think it’s very cool, and deeply appreciate that he did that. Of course, I am hoping that the biting will go away. It definitely speaks of something not being all the way right for him. And again, it’s a bit stranger than fiction. The mystery continues……

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