Our second cowboy dressage clinic had an unfortunate start. When we got to the clinic site Friday evening, and I opened the escape door to unload Petey, my heart sunk. He had quite a gash above his right eye. Even though I wanted another opinion, deep down I knew it needed to be stitched.

I called my sister first, because I always do, even if I have to leave a message, or know that she can’t rescue me or my horse (she is a veterinarian.) Then, I called to see if I could get our regular vet to come out to the clinic site to fix my poor horse. Fortunately, they were willing to come out. Petey didn’t think at all that he was a poor horse, by the way, he thought he was just fine and would much rather to keep eating grass, if I wouldn’t mind. Most likely, I was the one having the hardest time with the whole thing.

Petey was perfectly polite and agreeable for the whole procedure. The vet did not have an assistant with him, so I cradled Petey’ head while he was stitching him up. I held him from the left side so that I didn’t have to watch. Again, this kind of thing is not my forte. Doc did a beautiful job sewing his skin back together and dealing with not only myself, but my 9 year old daughter’s questions about what he was doing. Thank you Doctor Renton and Howell Animal Hospital for taking such good care of all of us. I got the ok to continue with the plans to participate in the clinic. Of course, I planned to monitor things carefully, because I didn’t want to hinder Petey’s healing in any way. So cautiously, I planned to be in the arena the next morning.

The detours that life throws my way always cause me to appreciate how many wonderful people I have in my life. The support and concern from my husband, my family and my “horse family” touched me deeply. And, the cowboy dressage crowd we had assembled were just tremendous. Thank you all for taking such good care of us. Petey and I are very lucky!

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